Saturday, 5 January 2013

Somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere waiting for me

Hello everybody, I hope you're enjoying your weekend.
This is my first ever outfit post (eek) and I'm a little rusty on the whole standing in front of the camera and not behind it! If anyone has any tips on how to stand and what works and doesn't work that'd be so very much appreciated. My little friend joining me is my 8/9 month old puppy Ziggy Stardust (usually just Ziggy) and he, on the other hand, is definitely not camera shy!
I picked up this gorgeous lightweight, mint green jumper from Topshop and I adore it. It's a lovely colour and can be layered up during the cold weather or worn as a light jumper in the warmer months. It cost £36 and it is also over-sized which I love! I wore it with a sheer ivory shirt also from Topshop which cost £38. It has some pretty detailing on the front and is really comfortable to wear.  However it is very sheer so when I wear it alone I'd be sure to put a vest top on underneath. My shorts were from Urban Outfitters and I bought them last summer so I'm not sure whether or not they still stock them. I love to wear them with tights (Marks & Sparks do the best tights) in the winter as they are really comfy and go with almost anything. They are a definite go-to item in my wardrobe. Finally, I wore my Dr Martens shoes which I bought for school on Thursday. They cost £90 which is expensive but they have a reputation for being good quality and I can already tell the cost-per-wear will more than make up for the cost!

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