Monday, 7 January 2013

You've seen the world, what did it look like?

I have an absolute passion for travelling and - despite being awful at geography- plan to travel the world exploring new and different countries, even if it's the last thing I do. I find maps the most exciting things and they really fascinate me (sad I know) so when I saw this tshirt I knew I just HAD to have it! It is by Tee and Cake at Topshop and I bought it in summer so I don't think they have it in stock anymore. It has a really deep-cut neck and comes down at the back as you can see. I think it cost me around £22 and although I don't really like the fabric because it makes me sweat more than usual when it is warmer, I loved the print too much to walk away from it. I don't think I'd buy another Tee and Cake tshirt again due to the fabric unless there was another particular print I fell in love with.

I also love the label on the inside of the tshirts. It does have a cut along line but I know I'd lose it if I cut it off. It has the ingredients to make the perfect cake which I think is a great little addition to the tshirt.
Great Britain - Home Sweet Home!

You can buy Tee and Cake clothing here! <3 the Oscar Wilde T.

Title Song - Wolf Pack // The Vaccines (I saw them live in Birmingham in November with my friends Emilia and Ebony and they were AMAZING! Well worth the 7 hour round trip looking like a zombie in school the next day) 

P.s. Sorry about the lack of focus on some of the photos. 

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  1. Oh I LOVE Tee and Cake tops! I can't even count the amount of map tees that I want by them, yours is so lovely!

    And ooh I like the Vaccines reference in the title, yay for Wolfpack!

    You have such a good blog by the way! xx

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    1. They're so cool, aren't they?! Thank you so much. Just had a peek at your blog and it's soo good! Such a good song! xx